Corvus Belli Announces New Fantasy Game Series – Warcrow!

March 25, 2022 by brennon

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The folks over at Corvus Belli have released some exciting news! They are set to be releasing a whole new universe. But this will be a little different to what you are used to from the publisher - the upcoming world will be set in a fantasy environment: bringing Warcrow to the tabletop.

Warcrow Official Teaser // Corvus Belli

Set in a different and disconnected universe to Corvus Belli's hi sci-fi miniature wargame title, Infinity - today they released a teaser trailer showing players a little sneak peak to what to expect from the classic fantasy world.

Realistically, we cannot tell too much from the trailer but speculate - in terms of narrative or story - other than the importance of Magic and the gloomy "Fog" setting. Seeing references to characters or general lore, a potential insight towards the big bad of the title and the promising future ahead.  What we can see firmly, is a clear roadmap with two separate releases planned for the launch of Warcrow world.

Future Roadmap - Warcrow

Future Roadmap // Warcrow

Coming up first in Autumn this year, or Fall if you want be fancy: Warcrow Adventures. Bringing a dungeon-crawler board game title to the forefront as an introduction to the world - kicking off on Kickstarter. Secondly we will see Wargame on the horizon - with hopes of many fantasy based Warcrow miniatures to come - hoping to release at GenCon 2023.

I am certainly excited to see Corvus Belli break into fantasy, and am looking forward for some more details! With the wonderful miniatures produced across both tabletop titles, Infinity and Aristeia! already. Fantasy is certainly my weak spot and am keen on seeing the development in Warcrow as the mysterious fantasy unfolds.


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If you are excited by the news for Warcrow, and are keen to get stuck into some alternative Corvus Belli goodness in the meantime - be sure to check out our themed week alongside Corvus Belli as part of Raveneye Week. We have been joined by Carlos, with a ton of content on the site for Infinity fans. Including interviews, unboxings and gameplay and your chance to win 1 of 3 copies of Operation Crimson Stone. Check out the full horde of content here.

What do you think of Corvus Belli focusing on a new fantasy world?

"What we can see firmly, is a clear roadmap with two separate releases for the Warcrow world..."

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