Corvus Belli Look Ahead To February 2021 Infinity Releases

January 5, 2021 by brennon

No sooner have we stepped into 2021 than Corvus Belli is ready and raring for the next couple of months of releases for Infinity. We've already seen what's coming this month HERE but February brings new Booster Packs and characters for you to drop into your Sci-Fi games.

O-12 Booster Pack - Infinity

O-12 Booster Pack // Infinity

At the head of these releases for the tail end of February, we have the O-12 Booster Pack which comes with a few options for building on your CodeOne fireteam. This set comes with Cho rocking a Combi Rifle, Hippolyta with a Breaker Combi Rifle and then Crusher with a Submachine Gun. These are some seriously badass looking miniatures and look at the guns on that lady at the front!

Rocking up alongside the O-12 we also have a new Combined Army Booster Pack which is perfect for all you alien lovers.

Combined Army Booster Pack - Infinity

Combined Army Booster Pack // Infinity

Again, as with all of their CodeOne Booster Packs, this is a good next step for those playing that more cut-down version of Infinity. Here you have a Ko Dali with MULTI Rifle, Victor Messer with Pistol and a Nourkias Hacker. This provides you with a few excellent miniatures to paint whilst also guiding you tactically towards what you could be doing next with your army list in CodeOne.

New Infinity Characters

On top of the Booster Packs, we also have three new single character packs dropping for some of the factions too. One of my favourites is the kickass Uxía McNeill!

Uxia McNeill - Infinity

Uxía McNeill // Infinity

As quite a rowdy woman it surprised the recruiters that she was so good at stealth and operating behind enemy lines. She spent a lot of time in the detention block but once she got out of training, Uxia turned out to be an excellent addition to the Highlander SAS Regiment.

In-game she works as one of the most lethal skirmishers in Infinity. Armed with Assault Pistols she is able to sneak around and lay down enough firepower to punish your opponents. A fine addition to any Ariadna force I think you'll agree.

Next up we have Aïda Swanson who is a Submondo Smuggler.

Aida Swanson - Infinity

Aïda Swanson // Infinity

Much like our previous character, Aïda is a sneaky person by nature. It certainly helps when you're a smuggler. Whilst she would possibly be one of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy, the intelligence services of many factions make good use of her skills and so she stays out of trouble.

This particular version of the miniature is their regular retail version of the ITS Season Ten exclusive miniature so it's a good chance to pick her up if you missed out.

Finally, for the single miniature packs, we have the Nagas Hacker for those diving into playing ALEPH at the moment.

Nagas Hacker - Infinity

Nagas Hacker // Infinity

Hackers will end up being a fundamental part of many Infinity teams and so you'll certainly want to pick one or two up. This seems to be even more important for the ALEPH who pride themselves on their technological prowess. The Nagas are some of the best hackers out there with skill in camouflage and infiltration allowing them to sneak to exactly where you need them to be.

New Infinity Terrain

We finish off the Infinity releases for February with the addition of the Sálvora Technopole Scenery Expansion Pack which offers up new terrain options for players of CodeOne or traditional Infinity.

Salvora Technopole Scenery Expansion Pack - Infinity

Sálvora Technopole Scenery Expansion Pack // Infinity

This is a perfect accompanying set for the Sálvora Governmental Complex Scenery Pack which is also available from Corvus Belli, providing you with alternative options and a chance of scenery (quite literally).

Inside the pack are a paper gaming mat, objective room, two small buildings, a sniper tower, console (for hacking!), two bridges, staircases, an inner ladder and inner walkway section. All this comes together as part of a fun pack which should be neat to skirmish on.

Are you going to be snapping these pieces up come February?

"One of my favourites is the kickass Uxía McNeill!"

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