Corvus Belli Take a Look Inside Infinity Operation: Icestorm

July 15, 2014 by dracs

The new Infinity Operation: Icestorm box set is drawing ever closer and will be seeing its release in the coming August. So we all know what we'll find in the box, Corvus Belli have published a list of the box's contents. Check out this selection of goodies.

Operation Icestorm Contents

Operation: Icestorm is a perfect starter set for players wanting to get into Infinity, providing forces of PanO and Nomads to engage in combat against one another.

The box also contains a game mat and a selection of scenery. Their inclusion in this box set means players instantly have everything they need to get their table ready for playing Infinity. There will also be an exclusive mini for all who pre-order Operation: Icestorm; a Corporate Security Unit.

Corvus Belli have also announced the cool exclusive minis they will have with them this coming GenCon.

Infinity GenCon Releases

We previously saw some of the details regarding the new Neoterra Bolt mini, and it is good to finally get a price for it, along with the other limited edition sculpts that Corvus Belli will be releasing for GenCon.

Infinity miniatures are always of top notch quality and these limited edition models are an excellent addition to a collection, as well as a good painting challenge or alternative models to include in your force.

Will you pick up Operation: Icestorm now you know what's inside? Are you planning on heading to GenCon?

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