Corvus Belli Preview Infinity Releases For February 2023

January 4, 2023 by brennon

Corvus Belli has already dropped their previews for what's coming up for Infinity in February 2023. We're getting some hefty TAGs as well as some fearsome elite units for you to start including alongside your faction of choice.

Shakush Light Armored Unit - Infinity

Shakush, Light Armored Unit // Infinity

Leading the way, we have the Shakush, Light Armoured Unit which you can see above. This fellow comes with an absolutely deadly-looking cleaver that is going to chop pretty much anything in half I reckon. If that doesn't do the job then you could always just lightly toast your enemies with that flamethrower if you prefer.

Not to be outdone, the forces of ALEPH have got themselves something very impressive indeed. I wouldn't want to be on the other end of that hammer that Agamemnon is carrying around!

Agamemnon The Atreides - Infinity

Agamemnon, The Atreides // Infinity

I really like the idea of this absolutely massive but slender walker striding across the battlefield, swinging around a brutal and very "blunt" hammer. It's a fascinating bit of contrast in the design of the miniature and surely something every ALEPH player is going to be picking up.

Elite Infinity Infantry

If you'd prefer to battle it out with your boots on the ground, you can also call on the Kosmoflot Expansion Pack Alpha instead.

Kosmoflot Expansion Pack Alpha - Infinity

Kosmoflot Expansion Pack Alpha // Infinity

They are not to be outdone when it comes to their heavy weapons with enough weapons to take down pretty much any TAG I would reckon. I really like the helmet designs on these characters although I do have a soft spot for the bearded features of that leader with the missile launcher.

If you'd prefer to tinker with robots then you could also snap up the Tomcats set for the Nomads.

Tomcats - Infinity

Tomcats // Infinity

Corvus Belli does some adorable little critter-based robots for use in your games and these are no different. You get a lot of anime vibes from the miniatures in Infinity (of course) but I think that for the month of February, they are turning that up to eleven!

You could also drop some seriously nasty fauna into the mix during your games of Infinity. I don't think we truly see enough of the alien life that exists within the Infinity universe so it was cool to see these appearing in the selection for next month.

The Hungries Gakis And Pretas - Infinity

The Hungries, Gakis And Pretas // Infinity

All blades and teeth! Because of their colouring, you could imagine these blending in seamlessly into the jungle around them before they leap forth and drag you off into the jungle. I think you'd be ok getting the "clever girl" quotes out when it comes to playing against these on the tabletop.

Infinity Terrain Packs

Last but not least for the month of February, you'll be able to snap up some new terrain packs for you to set up quick and easy-to-use battlefields in Infinity. How about getting stuck into a scrap around the Darpan Xeno Station?

Darpan Xeno Station Scenery Pack - Infinity

Darpan Xeno Station Scenery Pack // Infinity

As well as this boxed set that comes with a ready-made battlefield for you to get stuck into, there is also an expansion pack that can be used alongside this which introduces more terrain elements that could be mixed and matched to create interesting set-ups.

Darpan Xeno Station Scenery Expansion Pack - Infinity

Darpan Xeno Station Scenery Expansion Pack // Infinity

I like the additional elevation that you get in the Expansion Pack but the additional cover elements in the core pack certainly work well when it comes to dodging those incoming shots!

February is looking like a very colourful month for the world of Infinity and the team at Corvus Belli are certainly treating people with those new TAGs!

What do you make of the upcoming kits for Infinity?

"You get a lot of anime vibes from the miniatures in Infinity (of course) but I think that for the month of February, they are turning that up to eleven!"

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