Corvus Belli Preview Infinity Releases For March 2021!

February 5, 2021 by brennon

Corvus Belli has now previewed their new set of Infinity releases which are going to be arriving next month in March 2021. A new set of Boosters for various factions plus a couple of new characters will be popping up for this Sci-Fi wargame.

Nyoka Assault Troops - Infinity

Nyoka Assault Troops // Infinity

The first set of miniatures is for the O-12 who get themselves the Nyoka Assault Troops. This is a great way to build on the Starmada Action Pack that was previously released by Corvus Belli to get you started with this new faction. Within the set, you get a three Nyoka with a MULTI Rifle, Heavy Rocket Launcher, a Parachutist with Red Fury and Bronze with Red Fury.

These are some seriously cool looking miniatures and I love the Cyberpunk edge it gives to a game which still dabbles with a lot more High Sci-Fi themes amongst its factions. These soldiers alongside the ALEPH would make for an awesome looking anime-style clash on the tabletop.

New Infinity Booster Packs

As well as the O-12 offering, we also have two Booster Packs. The first is the Yu Jing Booster Pack Beta...

Yu Jing Booster - Infinity

Yu Jing Booster Pack Beta // Infinity

This set is designed as another next step for CodeOne players and includes  Yān Huo Fto, Zúyong and also a Tiger Soldier Hacker. On the other side of things for PanOceania you've also got a Booster Pack Beta.

PanOceania Booster Pack Beta - Infinity

PanOceania Booster Pack Beta // Infinity

Again, this is a good next step for people playing the CodeOne variant of Infinity but you could also make use of this in regular games of Infinity too. The pack contains the Kamau Hacker, Aquila with Heavy Machine Gun and Nisse with MULTI Sniper Rifle.

New Infinity Characters

You can also pick up two new characters to include within your games. The Nomads have the deadly Cassandra Kusanagi.

Cassandra Kusanagi - Infinity

Cassandra Kusanagi // Infinity

Armed with a Spitfire, she is a deadly badass. She has many, many confirmed kills and she is very good at working behind enemy lines to frustrate the movements of the enemy.

You can also drop the new Monstruckers onto the tabletop with a Boarding Shotgun in tow. This lady works for Haqqislam and Na2 factions.

Monstruckers - Infinity

Monstruckers // Infinity

Watch over the massive automated road trains which cross the Sahm Highway and make sure that bandits don't end up stealing away with all of your technology. I love the idea of creating a scenario aboard a moving road rain which mirrors the skirmishes of the Old West!

Are you going to be picking these up when they release in March?

"I love the idea of creating a scenario aboard a moving road rain which mirrors the skirmishes of the Old West!"

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