Corvus Belli Sneak A Peek At January 2022 Infinity Releases

December 13, 2021 by brennon

Corvus Belli has showcased the miniatures that you'll be able to pick up for folks diving into Infinity in the new year. 2022 will start with a bang alongside some fancy new character miniatures and more.

Shasvastii Noctifers - Infinity

Shasvastii Noctifer // Infinity

The Shasvastii Noctifer is looking exceptionally brooding and deadly in this particular sculpt. I love how he is resting and watching, keeping an eye on the enemy. You get the sense that he says little and is ready at a moments notice to flick up that rifle and start shooting.

For those wanting a fun set of miniatures for the JSA, you will also be able to pick up this Action Pack.

JSA Action Pack - Infinity

JSA Action Pack // Infinity

This contains a whole bunch of awesome miniatures that you could use to stake your claim on the tabletop. I love their Sci-Fi samurai in the top left with the duel katana. Who wouldn't want to have two glowing blades at the ready to cut down their enemies?

If you want to keep things in order then you can also introduce the Betatroopers Remote Activity Unit.

Betatroopers Remote Activity Unit - Infinity

Betatroopers Remote Activity Unit // Infinity

Law and order is a full-time job and people get tired. So, why not introduce some robots into the mix instead? Armed with some seriously deadly weapons AND a little mascot, I think this would be a great set to throw into the mix as the O-12. I love the look and they'd be perfect for lots of different narrative-based scenarios.

Some big guns are also winding up. For example, maybe you like the look of the Szalamandra Squadron?

Szalamandra Squadron - Infinity

Szalamandra Squadron // Infinity

The way this miniature has been painted/sculpted is a mood. You can hear how this would sound in the midst of the action. The whine of the gun as it powers up and then blasts someone or something apart from across the battlefield. Also, a black and red paint job is exceptionally cool.

You've also got this slightly less agile-looking addition to the "big gun club".

Blackjacks 10th Heavy Ranger - Infinity

Blackjacks, 10th Heavy Ranger // Infinity

Now that is one hell of a big revolver. I absolutely love the mood of this sculpt as well! It seems dominating, proficient, deadly and you could imagine that the pilot takes not a single bit of nonsense. Imagine the roar of that machine gun and the boom of that revolver as it starts plugging away at enemy TAGs.

Capping things off we have some weird and quirky miniatures for you to have a peek at.

Yaofang Long Ya - Infinity

Yaofang, Long Ya // Infinity

I'm not incredibly sure on the look of these particular miniatures. The legs look really weird to me and are freaking me out! Also, those tiny "faces" seem decidedly too evil looking for my liking. They look like they would stalk around the wilds hunting down those that trespass on your land.

What do you make of the releases for January 2022?

"What do you make of the releases for January 2022?"

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