Corvus Belli Reveal June Releases For Infinity

May 4, 2019 by brennon

Corvus Belli has only just released their May options for Infinity and we're now looking ahead to what's coming in June for this Sci-Fi skirmish game.

Namurr Active Response Unit - Infinity

The first of the releases is this lady for the Namurr Active Response Unit. Fast, resistant and lethal, she will be getting the job done with a revolver in hand and sword by her side.

Adorable & Deadly

Next up we're looking at a full unit for the forces of PanOceania. This here is the new ORC Troop which comes with three soldiers and an adorable little TinBot.

ORC Troops - Infinity

Whilst some might say that PanO has a problem the way they handle things out there in the Human Sphere I have to say that their aesthetic is one that has my attention. I really like the style of their armour, especially the helmets. I do hope those antennae don't have to be glued on separately anymore...

High Noooon!

Next up we have Krit Kokram, Invincible Zuyongs Specialist. This fellow is a gunslinger of the far future. Even McCree might want to avoid coming up against him.

Krit Kokram, Invincible Zuyongs Specialist - Infinity.jpg

He is quite the engineer as well as a sharpshooter and comes with an AutoMediKit allowing him to stay in the fight for longer.

Quick & Deadly

We're looking to Ariadna for the next miniature as we take a peek at the Dynamo Reg. Kazak Light Cavalry.

Dynamo Reg of Kazak Light Cavalry - Infinity

It's always weird seeing vehicles thrown into the mix in games of Infinity. I don't imagine they'd do too well with stairs. However, when you need to get across open ground quickly these fellows are going to be a good shout.

Is it just me or does this paint scheme make them look a lot like Spartans from Halo?

Stealthy Saito

Last but not least we're looking to possibly my favourite miniature from June, Saito Togan.

Saito Togan Mercenary Ninja - Infinity

Mercenary. Ninja. What's not to like? When it comes to infiltrating enemy positions without being seen there are few better than him. This also means he can get up close and personal, slicing and dicing whomever you pay him too.

I reckon Genji has a new ninja to look up to. Wow, two Overwatch references in one news piece...score!

What do you think?

"Wow, two Overwatch references in one news piece...score!"

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