Corvus Belli Preview Infinity Releases For July 2021

June 8, 2021 by brennon

Corvus Belli has put together their list of 28mm releases that are going to be coming to Infinity next month in July 2021. A load of their Sci-Fi factions are going to be given a boost!

Varangian Guard - Infinity

Varangian Guard // Infinity

The first of the releases is the Ariadna and O12 as the Varangian Guard gets ready to kick ass and take some names. Armed with a boarding shotgun and that pretty awesome looking axe, the Varangian Guard are some of the best mercenaries in the Infinity universe.

Sticking with the theme of O12, we also have this new Cyberghost miniature as well. A good Hacker option!

Cyberghost - Infinity

Cyberghost // Infinity

As effectively the SWAT teams of the cyberpolice, these soldiers kick down doors and raid cybercriminal dens. You might not have thought it from a Hacker but these soldiers dive headfirst into all manner of virtual environments ready to take on lethal firewalls and deadly black ice. I'm getting all the Netrunner vibes.

You've also got the deadly trio of the Trinitarian Tertiaries which are popping up for PanOceania squads.

Trinitarian Tertiaries - Infinity

Trinitarian Tertiaries // Infinity

As masters of stealth technology, these soldiers are involved in all manner of sensitive operations behind enemy lines. They are strict and precise and stepping in their way will often end with you filled full of lead. An awesome looking set of very mean soldiers. I would not mess with them!

Filling in the slot for the forces of Yu Jing, we have this set of Shang Ji Invincibles.

Shang Ji Invincibles - Infinity

Shang Ji Invincibles // Infinity

This is a solid option to sit at the core of your assault force. If you're building a larger Invincible Army force or expanding on Operation: Kaldstrom then this might be a good option for you to consider. Clad in heavy armour which is still easy to move in, they are also armed with some seriously badass weapons too.

Lastly, we have a repacked set. You can pick up the 6th Airborne Ranger Reg once again which now brings two miniatures into one set.

6th Airborne Ranger Reg - Infinity

6th Airborne Ranger Reg // Infinity

This is a set of brave paratroopers who are not afraid to dive into the heat of battle. Great looking miniatures even now which are perfect for those jumping into playing as Ariadna or USAriadna.

Are you liking this new set of miniatures for July 2021?

"...the Varangian Guard are some of the best mercenaries in the Infinity universe"

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