Corvus Belli Reveal Infinity Releases For November 2022

October 27, 2022 by brennon

Corvus Belli has now fully revealed what's will be coming to the Sci-Fi wargaming world of Infinity for the month of November 2022. We're going to be getting some exciting new characters plus some awesome Collection Packs for those that want to go all in.

Gangbuster - Infinity

Gangbuster // Infinity

First up, we have a member of the Special Crime Squad for those playing as O-12 on the battlefield. The Gangbusters do what the name suggests, infiltrating and operating in dangerous criminal environments with the aim of breaking up networks and taking down crime bosses. As a Hacker, the Gangbuster is perfect for getting stuck into the middle of the fighting to disrupt activities and allow the rest of your O-12 force to roll in. The set comes with one Gangbuster Hacker and two helpful MadTraps.

Yu Jing then gets to step into the spotlight with the Kanren Counterinsurgency Group (not to be confused by the nagging blowhards of the Karen Counterinsurgency Group).

Kanren Counterinsurgency Group - Infinity

Kanren Counterinsurgency Group // Infinity

This repack of some previously released characters brings together the Kanren Hacker and another Kanren with a boarding shotgun at the ready. When you're doing the busy work of trying to infiltrate a heavily firewalled console, you would want someone watching your back. The Holoprojector also means that no one is going to see you coming!

You can also dive into a new Dire Foes Mission with the Failsafe Set available to pre-order for November.

Dire Foes Mission Pack 11 Failsafe - Infinity

Dire Foes Mission Pack 11: Failsafe // Infinity

Indigo Spec-Ops Captain Uma Sorensen with her Combi Breaker Rifle and Captain Qiang Gao with their HMG are going to be fighting over that rather awesome-looking Liberty Cargo Pilot who may or may not be hiding some secret or other. Sorensen has been sent in to infiltrate Liberty Cargo and find out what's going on but Qiang Gao and his retinue are not in the business of allowing prying eyes into their business.

You can use these miniatures to play out the Dire Foes Mission Pack scenario or just include them in your regular games and use the Cargo Pilot as an "objective" too.

New CodeOne Remote Packs

As well as the ace new miniatures that you see above, there are also two Remote Packs for the forces of Haqqislam and ALEPH.

Haqqislam Remotes Pack - Infinity

Haqqislam Remotes Pack // Infinity

ALEPH Remotes Pack - Infinity

ALEPH Remotes Pack // Infinity

These are perfect for expanding your CodeOne forces where you can now go all "Ghost In The Shell". Having two of these heavily armed and armoured Remotes by your side, regardless of faction, is bound to make you feel a little safer. Just make sure they don't get hacked and shut down!

Infinity CodeOne Collection Packs

If you're looking to get your hands on absolutely everything for either Ariadna or Nomads that can be used in CodeOne then Corvus Belli put together two Collection Packs for you.

CodeOne Ariadna Collection Pack - Infinity

CodeOne: Ariadna Collection Pack // Infinity

CodeOne Nomads Collection Pack - Infinity

CodeOne: Nomads Collection Pack // Infinity

Each of the sets comes with between twenty-five and twenty-seven miniatures and offers up absolutely everything that you could want for making a diverse and interesting CodeOne collection. With a set like this, you'd have lots of different options for making fireteams and squads that could handle pretty much any scenario.

Each set also comes with the CodeOne Booklet so that you can start getting your head around the rules or use it as a refresher!

Could you be tempted by these new releases for November 2022?

"You can also dive into a new Dire Foes Mission with the Failsafe Set available to pre-order for November..."

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