Corvus Belli’s Kick Ass Infinity Releases For January 2021!

December 15, 2020 by brennon

Corvus Belli is already on the case when it comes to showing off what's in the Sci-Fi pipeline for the beginning of 2021. Loads of additional Infinity releases are dropping for a range of factions and we start with a band of Cutthroats and Cheerleaders.

Jayth Cutthroats - Infinity

Jayth Cutthroats // Infinity

The Cutthroats are first out of the gate as a distinctive and different unit for the Shasvastii Army. Forged in hard conditions upon mining worlds, these fighters have come from a place where subtlety gets you nowhere and brute force is the answer to everything. There's no sneaking about when these guys are on the case.

Similarly, the Tunguska Cheerkillers are not ones for subtle tactics either. They are armed to the teeth and ready to kick ass.

Tunguska Cheerkillers - Infinity

Tunguska Cheerkillers // Infinity

Dropping in for the Nomads, the Cheerkillers are ready to take names and shrug off anyone who tries to keep them down. Their motto is “Fly high. Do or die. Dare and triumph. To the Extreme! Always!” which shows just what you're getting in for when you introduce them into your force.

There are four miniatures in the box which come armed with a Submachine Gun, MULTI Pistols, Shock Marksman Rifle, Missile Launcher and there's even someone swinging a baseball bat for good measure.

Infinity: CodeOne Booster Packs

As well as the new options above we also have some next steps for those who are trying out the simpler Infinity: CodeOne from Corvus Belli. There is a Yu Jing Booster Pack...

Yu Jing Booster Pack Alpha - Infinity

Yu Jing Booster Pack Alpha // Infinity

...and one for PanOceania as well. Both of these come with a selection of specialists which you can use to add an elite quality to your force. The Yu Jing force above comes with a Hsien with a Heavy Machine Gun, Zhanying Hacker and Hac Tao Hacker.

PanOceania Booster Pack Alpha - Infinity

PanOceania Booster Pack Alpha // Infinity

The PanOceania collection comes with an Akal Commando, Swiss Guard and Croc Man. All of these miniatures are looking splendid as always and allow you to pimp out your Infinity: CodeOne force.

Action Packs & Marksmen

Finishing things off for the January 2021 release window we also have a new ALEPH OperationS Action Pack as a Sectorial option for those playing as these cybernetically-enhanced individuals.

ALEPH OperationS Action Pack - Infinity

ALEPH OperationS Action Pack // Infinity

This gives you everything that you need to get started with this faction of cool and calculated killers who have as much in common with machines as they do man. The set offers three Dakini Tacbots, a Skukra, Yada, Deva, Naga, Shakti Hacker, Aspara and Rudra. All of these are armed with an assortment of deadly weapons which you can check out on the link above.

We finish with an individual character pack for John Hawkwood.

John Hawkwood, Merc Officer - Infinity.png

John Hawkwood, Merc Officer // Infinity

Hawkwood is armed with a K1 Marksman Rifle and is a calculating and precise man with nerves of steel. He will work for a number of different factions given the chance. Whilst it might seem like everything he undertakes is a foolish risk, he always knows what he's doing and the outcome of his endeavours. Lead your Mercs to glory!

What do you think of the new miniatures popping up for Infinity in 2021?

"What do you think of the new miniatures popping up for Infinity in 2021?"

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