The Data Sphere Get A Sneaky Look At New ALEPH Preview For Infinity

May 7, 2015 by brennon

The Data Sphere have had another preview sent their way for Infinity which shows off a new face for the world of Infinity that is Scylla The Steel Phalanx NCO...

Hacking In Style

Scylla will be a fantastic Hacker in the game and promises to allow you a lot more board control as you move her around. She looks more librarian than soldier but looks can be deceiving...

Scylla (Colour)

Scylla (B&W)

Scylla certainly falls into the anime-style camp when it comes to Infinity models as she looks like she'd be at home in any number of those animated cartoons. However there's also something of the Cyberpunk Netrunner about her which I really like.

I suppose her choice of battlefield attire could be forgiven for the fact that she's a Hacker so doesn't really want to get into combat and, well, it's Infinity so what did we expect right? She also carries a shotgun. Who doesn't like shotguns?

It's getting harder and harder to resist Infinity.

"She also carries a shotgun. Who doesn't like shotguns?"

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