Exclusive! INFINITY: Breaking News!!! New Army Unlocked: NA2 – Druze Bayram Security

December 15, 2017 by brennon

Some awesome news came out of Corvus Belli today as they have announced that there is a new army on their way to the world of Infinity.


Here is what Corvus Belli had to say!

Just like that, as of Friday, December 15th, without any previous announcement, any Infinity player that was using the Army app watched suddenly how a new icon appeared at the "choose your faction" menu.


That is the name that will label small factions and powers in the Human Sphere as the Mercenary Companies. Mercenaries in INFINITY such as the DRUZE BAYRAM SECURITY, the first completely official mercenary sectorial army tournament legal for ITS that doesn't belong to any classic N3 faction.

If you click in the INFINITY ARMY 6 App, you will find a menu full of a selection of classic units mixed with some brand new troop profiles such as the BRAWLERS, MERCENARY ENFORCERS or a character like SECURITY CHIEF ARSLAN.

There is a lot to check and play with your miniatures, especially with the recently released DRUZE SHOCK TEAMS, the backbone of this army.

So, that's it, a new contender has entered the stage. Now you can build your army list using the app and study the most demolishing blow it can bring to the gaming table. A new colour is now present in the realm of the tournament scene. Giving more gaming life to miniatures that you might already have, or giving you a reason to delve into the world of INFINITY.

Keep Connected.

So that is pretty cool, right? Make sure to get your thoughts in below on the idea for this new army in Infinity and how you think it will colour the meta going forward.

Let us know in the comments...

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