Infinity EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: TUNGUSKA Jurisdictional Command

May 9, 2018 by crew

We've got a very special sneak peek for you today as we check out this Corvus Belli reveal for the Tunguska Jurisdictional Command for Infinity!

Infinity EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: TUNGUSKA Jurisdictional Command

This is going to be a box of six new miniatures that will be available in Mid-June of 2018. This means that the new Nomad Sectorial Army will be unlocked and will become tournament legal!

Tunguska Jurisdictional Command Background

Here's some of the background on this upcoming release to get you fluff-monkeys going...

"The grey matter behind Tunguska was a group of crooked investors: economists whose areas of expertise included offshore outsourcing, tax havens, leveraged buyouts, ghost companies and transferences of extra-official assets to the licit soil, what less euphemistically, inclined people would simply call ‘money laundering’.

This mothership was the product of a collaborative project by bankers and cryptohackers who sought solutions to underlying faults in the socio-economic system of the Sphere, perceived as too pliant to the whims of the State.

The project was conceived under the auspices of tax haven governments concerned about the increasingly punitive policies of international organizations. This increasing legislative pressure over financial havens had been instigated by the world powers of the time, which wanted to crack down on tax evasion but were afraid to lock horns directly with the megacorporations that benefitted from them.

In the face of a political onslaught, many looked to the Tunguska project as a useful loophole. The construction of Tunguska itself was in part openly funded by known international mob groups, mostly originating from Eastern Europe and Asia. This move was regarded as a way for these criminal enterprises to secure their money laundering channels and discreet banking services. With a single gambit, they planned to capitalize on their extra-legal income and consolidate their legitimate influence.

The founders of Tunguska realized that, after the development of the ALEPH AI, any operation or project that wanted to avoid governmental interference had to relinquish the use of the communications network. The certainty that no place was safe from the prying eyes of the AI prompted them to envision an independent data crypt in which the world’s sensitive data would be protected. The physical core of Tunguska is an ALEPH-detached data Crypt where secrets are stored without the threat of governmental meddling.

To guarantee the impregnability of the system, the Crypt employs programmers, hackers, cryptographers and quantum physicists in great numbers. The surrounding layer houses bankers, economists and the representatives of the clans, mob families and criminal organizations that founded Tunguska from its inception. This heterogeneous group coordinates the commercial and business management of the mothership.

Security in Tunguska is administered by Dragnet, an organization that also performs law enforcement, judicial and intelligence gathering duties. Instituted by the legendary Colonel Nikolai Steranko, the foundational mission of Dragnet is to defend Tunguska from external incursions and threats, and to protect the inviolability of its Crypt. Nowadays, Dragnet plays a critical diplomatic role in handling the expectations and demands of the families with greater representation.

Outwardly, Tunguska has built its image as an oasis of tranquillity, but behind the curtains, the mobster schemes and economic intrigues of some of its most illustrious citizens sometimes take their toll in blood. To curb these attitudes, Dragnet takes on surveillance and sentencing duties.

Penalties range from the execution of the perpetrator to massive fines for the instigator. Dragnet’s financial punishments are always substantial: revocation of access to Crypt features can entail millions in losses for the culprit. Moderation is the name of the game in Tunguska; Dragnet’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy admits no indiscretions.

Tunguska is the home of secrets, a strongbox adrift in space, a cupboard for all skeletons, a truly dark place…in every sense of the word."

We hope that you've taken all of that in because there WILL be a test!

Going back to the models for a second, this set of releases really is very special indeed. It's awesome seeing these models come together with a real proper Cyberpunk flare, especially around some of the regular infantry models within the set.

This is then expanded on when you see that fellow wielding the HMG! A very competent set to get you started with this Sectorial force.

What do you think of the new models?

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