Explore The Exotic Alcazaba In Infinity With Warsenal

May 18, 2020 by brennon

Warsenal has been showing off some stunning new terrain for those who like their games of Infinity. Here we have the rather beautiful Alcazaba in a variety of formats which will soon be riddled with bullets by your soldiers.

-5ec24b27874a3--5ec24b27874a4Alcazaba Hanging Gardens - Warsenal.png

The first version of this building is the Alcazaba Hanging Gardens (W/ Spiral Staircase). It comes together as a wonderfully picturesque option for the tabletop, the home of some high ranking official perhaps? As well as looking gorgeous it is also playable with space on the balconies for soldiers to stand and spots on the roof too. You can, of course, get inside too if you want to get into close combat.

If you want to tinker around with a slightly smaller option then you've also got the Alcazaba Majlis here which gives you a smaller, covered abode which could be the scene of a drop behind closed doors.

Alcazaba Majlis - Warsenal

One thing I do particularly like about these terrain pieces is that they are incredibly Infinity. They manage to carry over the different cultures and their aesthetic from years gone by whilst also giving things a Sci-Fi touch here and there. This is the kind of way I imagine our world looking in the future where old architecture gets wired up with new Sci-Fi bits and bobs.

Lastly, we've also got the Alcazaba Objective Room/Atrium which takes the roof out of the equation and instead provides you with an open courtyard to battle it out in.

-5ec24b31046f6--5ec24b31046f7Alcazaba Objective Room Atrium - Warsenal.png

This could well be one of those buildings which is situated in a larger complex, a place of peace and tranquillity which is soon to be shattered by the fighting of two opponents. Terrain like this not only looks good on the tabletop but it helps build a narrative and give life to your games. A good table and terrain tend to make all the difference when it comes to wargaming.

What do you make of these new terrain options from Warsenal?

"A good table and terrain tend to make all the difference when it comes to wargaming..."

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