A Great Last Set Of New Minis For Infinity This December!

December 23, 2014 by Justin

Merry Christmas one and all and welcome to the final Infinity blast of 2014. In this little bunch of releases we're seeing a ton of cool minis including some epic re-sculpts and an amazing convention exclusive heading to general release.

Let's kick things off with one of the new kids on the block, the Kazak Spetsnaz from the Ariadna Kazak Sectorial Army. Loaded out with his Boarding Shotgun, this bad ass little dude will be your para-trooper option. Keep an eye to the skies as we'll be seeing this guy make Airborne deployments, letting him get up close and personal very quickly. Add to that the "Marksmanship L2" skill, and even Death himself will have a lot to learn from this guy.

Next up we have what was the exclusive sneak peek of December, the Squalos, Armoured Cavalry from PanOceania. It's one thing to know that the PanO have some of the most advanced tech but it's quite another to see the Squalos gliding across the battlefield like a dancer of death. They say wars are won in the hearts and minds of the people so for any enemy soldier unfortunate enough to have faced the Squalos and survived, they will return to their people with both utterly broken to spread the word of the PanO's technological dominion.

From Yu Jing this December come fear and death in the form of the Hac Tao Special Unit. A Thermo Optical Heavy Infantry Trooper rocking out with the dreaded HMG. With a new movement value of 4" this new troop profile from Infinity N3 will be a terror on your gaming table. This demolishing elite unit will be able to accomplish any task. If there was a word beyond "terror" it would be "Hac Tao".

As the Combined Army advances its plans to conquer the Human Sphere it calls on more and more of its of its alien forces. Say hello to the Sogarat Tempest Regiment, part of the Morat Aggression Force. Taking to the tabletop with his mighty axe and HMG this rock solid unit will really give you an edge of confidence in your games, and if your feeling frisky, he can even be your Lieutenant. I can see only one tactic with this guy, "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you...", well you know the bit I'm doing.

Time to call in the line breakers from the Tohaa, the Rasail Boarding Team. If you find yourself in need of a good unit to ramp up the pressure your opponent feels during the game these will be your soldiers of choice with an aggressive playstyle  that will have your friends feeling the heat and cracking under the pressure.

I'm sure we were all hoping for this little lady to come out for more than just the lucky people who got to pick her up at the GenCon this year! Penthesilea's Bootleg Edition is finally here for you ALEPH players. The saying "Ride it like you stole it!" comes to mind. I cant wait to see this little lady hit the gaming tables.

Which is your favourite?

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