New Infinity For April & Classified Deck Released!

May 1, 2015 by lloyd

Another month and another round of fantastic looking releases for Infinity that include some stunning miniatures as always. As well as that they've even got some fantastic new cards called the Classified Deck made in conjunction with Customeeple...

45th Highlanders Rifles

The 45th Highlander Rifles fight for the Caledonian Highlander Army and come as a set of four miniatures, a charismatic new addition to the Ariadna faction in Infinity. Their combination of skills and equipment make them perfect for close combat and delivering that first punch in the fight against the enemy.

New Infinity For April: 45th Highlanders Rifles

Aquila Guard With HMG

The PanOceania faction are also getting a new Aquila Guard for the Neoterran Capitaline Army. These are an essential part of the war effort and with this you have a new version of a classic miniature. The Aquila comes with a Multispectral Visor Level 3 making him the soldier your enemies cannot conquer.

Tiger Soldiers With Boarding Shotgun

Yu Jing are also seeing a revamped model with the new Tiger Soldiers. These new troops are looking better than ever and will be attacking your foes from unexpected angles and with superior numbers due to their ability to jump around the battlefield.

Fraacta Drop Unit With Boarding Shotgun

If you still like the idea of shotguns (and who doesn't?) then see what you think of the Fraacta Drop Unit we saw not long ago for the Combined Army. These troops have superior stamina making them more powerful than units similar to them, or at least you hope. They've been destroying enemy defences since the profile came out with the new N3 Rulebook.

New Infinity For April: Fraacta Drop Unit

Kaeltar Specialists

Last but not least are the Kaeltar Specialists for Tohaa who work for the Trigon. These soldiers have access to new symbiotic creatures that allow the army to improve their skills over time and also preform new attacks with an upcoming set of rules in the works! Watch this space.

Classified Deck

Made by Corvus Belli in collaboration with Customeeple the Classified Deck is a tool for use with the ITS Tournament System. It allows a player to choose two random secondary objectives for every mission and is presented in a very, very nice way indeed with wonderfully high quality cards and amazing artwork.

Whats caught your eye?

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