Heraldry of the Military Orders

April 6, 2011 by beerogre

"There is no greater honor than to carry the cross as our insignia! We are just and upright warriors because we fight against Evil and the true enemies of humanity! We are the soldiers of God in PanOceania’s service! Today we will garland the gates of Hell with the bodies of our adversaries!"

Father-Officer Raymond de Wignacourt

The Military Orders

The Military Orders are the armed wing of the Church, created to expand the influence of the PanOceanian body politic, by acting as a reinforcements for the PanOceanian Military.

There are several Orders, each operating inside the PanOceanian armed forces, both as an integrated unit and also as a different Sectorial Army, performing quite distinct military functions.

The Order of the Hospital

The most powerful of the Orders, with the best reputation among the general public, thanks to its hospitals, which are protected by its sub-order, the Order of Saint Lazarus.

A sub-Order of the Knights Hospitaller, are the Order of Mercy. Who specialise in landing behind enemy lines, to rescue captives and prisoners of war.

The Order of Santiago

This naval Order reinforces the PanOceanian Armada. Experts in zero-gravity and orbital operations, their renowned bravery and first rate equipment, sees them leading boarding action and other high risk missions.

The Teutonic Ordensstaat

Deployed to Paradiso, this Order are the front line against the forces of the alien Combined Army. The most fanatical of all Orders, the Teutonic Knights consider warfare against the alien agressor to be their sacred duty.

There is a small sub-order of the Teutonic Knights, the Order of Dobrzyń, a dedicated security force that protects the Teutonic supply lines.

The Order of Montesa

Based on the planet Acontecimento, this Order specializes in mobile and mechanized operations. The Knights of Montesa act as the front line vanguard and are the agressive spearhead forAcontecimento assault forces.

The Order of the Holy Sepulchre

Created to protect planet Earth and its holy shrines, this is an elite Order composed of the finest knights recruited by the Church.

The Knights of the Holy Sepulchre are always the last to leave the battlefield and are renowned even among the other Orders for their their amazing fighting skills.

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By Gutier Lusquiños Rodríguez

The source article for this post,
was first published in Ravage Magazine
in December 2010

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