Hot Infinity November 2013 Releases!

November 27, 2013 by dignity

Time for yet more amazing new miniatures from the guys over at Infinity kicking off with the second wave of fantastic Dire Foes! Not to mention a little something for the Nomads, Aleph & the Tohaa. I have to say I keep thinking the Infinity team have hit their peak of cool mini creation but every month  I'm happy to say I get proven wrong as the minis and paint jobs just keep getting better and better. Keep up the good work Corvus!

Right let's get to it and kick off this one with the 4th Dire Foes Mission Pack: Flee or Die featuring Hassassin Husam Yasbir rocking out on an assassination mission to hunt down the Executive V.I.P and his enemy, Indigo Brother Konstantinos who has been given the task of keeping the V.I.P. at all costs, but will he have to give his life to keep his sworn oath?

Game: Infinity Army: Dire Foes Model(s): Flee or Die

Next up is Mission 5 in the Dire Foes Mission Packs: Viral Outbreak. This show down will be taking place in one of the classic one on one stand off locations. As a building is burning down around them Hatail Aelis Keesan fights against the deadly Shasvastii Corax Hasht, and the poor Hazmat specialist is trapped in the middle of this alien grudge match. Who will win? Who will survive? Does that Hazmat regret not calling in sick today?

Game: Infinity Army: Dire Foes Model(s): Viral Outbreak

I've been loving all the cool new miniatures coming out for the Nomads in the last few months and I'm not to be disappointed this month as we meet the Intruder with MULTI Sniper Rifle. This bad ass from Corregidor is ready to hit the table top and start racking up a tally of kills. From what our buddy Carlos has been telling us this is one of the deadliest Snipers in the whole Infinity universe. With the lethal combination of the X-Visor and Multispectral visor Level 2 nothing can hide and nowhere is safe from the Intruder!

Game: Infinity Army: Nomads Model(s): Intruder

Machaon the Myrmidon Doctor-Officer from the Steel Phalanx is this months offering from ALEPH. One of the most useful "enomotarchos" of the Steel Phalanx. Machaon can heal any fallen Myrmidon soldier and give them a boot in the ass to make every fire-team work at 100%. Looks like the Intruder has a new top target!

Game: Infinity Army: Aleph Model(s): Machaon

Time for even more heavy infantry for the Tohaa as the Ectros Regiment gets loaded out with a HMG, arugably the most devastating weapon in the Tohaa armory and let's be honest who here doesn't like the idea of one or more of your guys laying down some heavy fire with one of these bad boys? Add to that his Symbiont armor skill and the ability to be part of any Tohaa fireteam, the Ectros Regiment can accomplish any task.

Game: Infinity Army: Tohaa Model(s): Ectros Reg (HMG)

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