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December 22, 2010 by lloyd

As always we can't miss the new releases for Infinity from Corvus Belli.


Moblots (Sapper, HMG). The French-Ariadnan Heavy Infantry troopers have come back, and this time carying support weapons! Combining his heavy armour and his Sapper Special Skill, the HMG Moblot can place a stronghold wherever he is. This release comes with a scenery base to reflect perfectly the combat role of this useful troop. Feel the recoil of you machine gun meanwhile you sweep the battlefield from the safety of your foxhole!

Hafza Unit. (Rifle + Light Shotgun). New release! This special light troop is the ace hidden in the Haqqislam’s sleeve. The Hafzas are the guardian angels of the Haqqislamite soldiers. Thanks to their holo-devices they can disguish themselves taking the look of any other Haqqislamite troop. They are very useful as hidden lieutenants but too when join any Infinity Fireteam, where they provide more tactical flexibility, allowing to create cheaper linked teams. Get ready to fool your adversay with this impressive figures!

Imperial Service Sectorial Starter Pack. New release! A new miniature box containing a compilation of previously released figures. The best choice to start a Sectorial Yu Jing army on the Dragon’s service. The Imperial Service is the the armed wing of the Emperor, a sinister and infamous Military and Judiciary Police corps capable to take control of any situation, and also a fearsome enemy. In this box you will find: 2 Celestial Guards, with Combi Rifle, the backbone of this Sectorial Army, one of them with a different pair of arms you only can find exclusively in this box; 1 Celestial Guard with Boarding Shotgun, a weapon option exclusive of this release; 1 Wu Míng with Boarding Shotgun, a Heavy Infantry trooper from a penal military regiment; 1 Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank, an elegant and highy skilled operator capable to avoid the Loss of Lieutenant game situation; 1 Hsien Warrior with MULTI Rifle, the highest rank of the Imperial Agents, capable to find any hidden enemy. The Imperial Service is the claws with which the Dragon destroys the enemies of Yu Jing.

Shasvastii Gwailos. (MULTI Rifle). The Gwailos are the Direct Action troopers of the Shasvastii. Specialized in assault techniques, the Gwailos can run directly towards their adversaries ignoring the enemy fire thanks to their Nanoscreen device which provides them enhanced armour. The MULTI Rifle is one of the best Lieutenant options for the Shasvastii armies, providing a tough leader that can be used in an active but too in a defensive role. The Gwailos are ready to to cause damage to their enemies, with speed, consistency and energy!

Myrmidons. New release! Here you have another of the new Infinity unit boxes, which you can compose a group of the fiercest fighters in the ALEPH’s army. Myrmidons are the most effective shock troops of the Human Sphere, equal in valor as the Homeric warriors from they are named. Myrmidons were created by the human AI to fight against the alien forces of the Combined Army, employing the rage and the most violent passion to defeat the enemy there where the cold machine mind can not do it.

BoW Lloyd.

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