Hunker Down Inside Warsenal’s Comanche Barracks!

June 19, 2014 by brennon

Warsenal are continuing to produce some awesome looking Infinity terrain and the next piece that is due for release soon is the Comanche Barracks which you can check out below!

Comanche Barracks #1

Comanche Barracks #2

Comanche Barracks #3

This is a fairly chunky piece of terrain as you can see with a lot of different firepoints and plenty of cover for defenders to get behind as well. Add to that the different layers and a walkway ripe for some interactive gameplay and you have a building perfectly suited for the world of Infinity.

I love the little garage bit underneath the building which looks perfect for your troops to sneak through and maybe you could even pick up a sci-fi looking vehicle or two to put in there and act as some more cover. A solid building with plenty of options.

This should be out soon!

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