Infinity Arachne: The E.I & The A.I Part Two

October 1, 2014 by crew

This is the Wartrader, trying to decide who is the lesser evil - the alien threat of the Evolved Intelligence, the power behind the Combined Army (covered last week), or ALEPH, the control-freak artificial intelligence that runs most of the Human Sphere via direct control or subtle subversion.


ALEPH. The AI that provides communications, financial services, transport control and much more to the Human Sphere. Working hand-in-hand with O-12, the modern equivalent of the UN, ALEPH runs the whole infrastructure for modern high-tech life and the invaluable MayaNet web. Humanity's benevolent omnipresent servant, ALEPH nurtures and protects us as if we were her children.


Ajax The Great

With the threat from the Combined Army, ALEPH has come into it's own, crafting artificial armies both to fight the CA forces directly and in the form of the Homeric-inspired Assault Subsection as an empowering inspiration for all Humanity. With Achilles leading the charge, any foe can be vanquished.


Foremost in the Human Sphere and most closely tied to ALEPH is PanOceania, the hyper-power. Boasting the strongest economy, the best research, the highest living standard, PanOceania is the standard to which other nations aspire.

ALEPH. Tool of oppression and source of oppression. Control the banks, communications, media and infrastructure and you control society. Purportedly under the control of O-12, ALEPH blatantly flaunts it's illegal private army of artificial warriors. Not all of which battle the alien Combined Army...


We of the Nomad nations bitterly remember the Violent Intermission, a series of covert raids by ALEPH forces into the Bakunin ship, raids that left hundreds dead and which have never been publicly acknowledged by ALEPH, or even reported on MayaNet.

Yes, MayaNet. Truly the net of a million lies. You have to wonder if ALEPH has a sense of humour, naming it's main propaganda tool after the Buddhist maya, the illusion that makes up the world. With MayaNet under the direct control of ALEPH we had no choice but to set up Arachne, the alternative uncensored net. It's still full of garbage and lies, but at least the truth is out there as well.

Myrmidon Officer

Ah PanOceania! Home of the sheeple, cozened by ALEPH for it's own reasons, unaware of what's really going on, even within their own society. Take the Ateks, the lowest level of society. Not for them the limitless wealth of the hyperpower or the dream of plentiful leisure time - instead it's a constant race to keep their net accounts in credit or miss out on important information. In extreme cases, information that would keep them alive, like the temporary removal of a bridge on the expressway. What need for physical warning signs when 'all' citizens are constantly plugged in to the information superhighway?

Ian Wood aka @wartrader

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