Infinity Arachne: Murder Monkey Mayhem!

August 6, 2014 by crew

This is the Wartrader, bringing you a recipe! Wait, what? A recipe? Yes, a recipe for mayhem, murder and disaster!

Two weeks ago I made my way down from England to North West Spain to the first Interplanetary Tournament. The journey itself was more eventful than I would have liked, but that's a tale for another time...

The Interplanetary for Newbies


For several years now there has been a large Infinity tournament in Vigo, a few miles from Corvus Belli's HQ. this year, CB joined forces with the organisers to make this the first international, nay interplanetary, Infinity tournament. 76 players from across Europe, Asia and North America descended on Vigo and sweated across five tournament rounds, a trivia quiz (which the CB staff lost!), speed-painting competition and cosplay competition.

Picking up 24pt out of a possible 50 I was very happy to come in the top third, especially when two of my opponents made it into the top fifteen!

Anyway, on with the recipe...

Murder Monkey Mayhem

Serves 2.
Preparation time about 15 mins, cooking time 75 mins.


1 Morat Raicho TAG.
1 Worm from the bottom of a Tequila bottle (Medtech Obsidon Medchanoid).
Assorted Morats, colloquially known as Murder Monkeys.
A dozen fresh Nomad sneaky gits.
3 Objectives.
1 Table populated with some very nice painted terrain.


The three objectives for the Seize the Antenna mission are circled in red. I had the deployment zone to the left, my opponent, Kelthret, had the right side.


Lose the initiative roll and go second - but get to choose between the deployment zones and deploy second.

Watch your opponent deploy a suspiciously low points cost of Morats.

Deploy all but one of your models, keeping a balance between hiding like a coward and leaving models in good positions to cover the objectives.

Watch your opponent deploy a Raicho.

Be exceedingly glad that your held back model is a Moran Masai Scout with Repeater and that you have multiple Hackers.

Find a position on a low rooftop where the Raicho will be able to see the Masai but not without moving into the 8" range of the Masai's Repeater.

Raicho TAG

That darn Raicho TAG!

Deploying A Response

My mid-table deployment with the prone Masai on the low beige building, a hidden Zero Camo Skirmisher at the bottom of the steps, a Camouflaged Mine next to the objective and another Zero on the low grey building to the left - unfortunately not prone which meant he got shot to bits later in the game!

Cooking, Stage One

Slowly boil the Medtech worm while it takes control of the nearby objective.

Whisk the Raicho into a frothy state and advance it towards the pesky Masai.

Forget that the Masai has a Repeater and freeze the whipped Raicho before it even gets into sight to fire.

Freezing Raicho

Oops. High Willpower Nomad Hackers make short work of the Raicho, immobilising it in reaction because although their Hacking is limited to 8" range, they can measure the 8" from the Repeater on the Masai.

Move to the other flank. Activate the big Morat Spec Ops with HMG, in a bed of linked Morat Vanguard, to light up the Nomad Reaktion Zond.

Observe as the Reaktion Zond, making use of it's Total Reaction skill to fire at full Burst, crits the Spec Ops HMG, instantly taking him down. Break the Fireteam but fail to make any omelets.

Turn over the broiled Medtech worm so that it's little telepresence drone can fix the Morat Spec Ops. This process involves several sub-steps such as smoking the area to stop the Reaktion Zond shooting the helper drone. Disconnect the fire alarm.

Cooking, Stage Two

Bring out the Lunokhod Sputnik and tenderise the immobile Raicho with it's Boarding Shotgun. Armour-piercing ammo is recommended for this process.

Position the Lunokhod in preparation for the Raicho's future attempt to thaw from immobilisation.

Add a Morlock to the mix, advancing it into the area taking pot-shots at the Raicho with a Pistol.

Observe both players laugh out loud as one of the weak long-range pistol shots takes off the Raicho's remaining structure point.

Assist the baking process by taking control of the Nomad-side objective with a Nomad Interventor Hacker, valiantly lying down on the roof so that nobody can see him.

Laying Low

Cooking, Stage Three

Add hot Morats to the central mix.

Observe both players groan at the same time as the Reaktion Zond neatly cores the Spec Ops HMG with a crit on an eleven. Again.

Attempt to shred the remaining Morat Vanguard models with the Lunokhod's Boarding Shotgun blast, only to receive a crit.

Neatly insert a Nomad Hellcat drop-troop with HMG onto the central rooftop.

Attempt to shred the remaining Vanguard with the HMG.

Cry as the Hellcat gets beaten by one of the Vanguard but butchers the other, survives all three saves from the freaking Missile Launcher, only to fall to the hit from a shot from a nearby Combi Rifle troop.

Blend the female Morat character Anyat into a fine puree as she comes round the corner, having not spotted the nearby CrazyKoala.
Unseen by anyone, the Medtech worm takes the central objective.

Tenderise the Medtech worm with the Reaktion Zond as it climbs up the wall to shoot the Masai, my last remaining Specialist in the middle of the table.

More Mayhem!

'And a crit to the head!' Note that this is a Yu Jing robot which has been liberated by the noble Nomads.


Crazy Koalas are a particularly nasty bit of area denial - in their own turn they follow their controller (in this case the dead Lunokhod) round and do nothing else. In the enemy turn they leap on anyone who activates within 8", give them a nice hug and then explode.

Med Tech

Bye bye Medtech.

Cooking, Stage Four, Endgame


Having failed to dispose of the Vanguard Missile Launcher and not having any Specialists left in the area, send the Interventor Hacker in to take the central objective while simultaneously being whipped into a fluffy syllabub by the Missile Launcher, neatly grabbing victory with the last Order of the last turn.

My thanks to Kelthret for the most amusing game of the tournament, with plenty of back-and-forth each round!

Ian Wood aka @wartrader

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