Infinity: Campaign Paradiso Tabletop Nation Event – Part 1

October 27, 2012 by brennon

I have been lucky enough to come down to Tabletop Nation today to have a look at the new Infinity: Campaign Paradiso being played with the help of the guys from Corvus Belli. We got in early this morning and I managed to get a few images of the boards being set up...

Infinity Board Set Up #1

Infinity Board Set Up #2

Infinity Board Set Up #3

Infinity Board Set Up #4

Infinity Board Set Up #5

The boards are fantastic and the Carlos from Corvus Belli spent a good while planning things out to get the most from the terrain. Asymmetrical design is the name of the game while also making sure to make interesting narrative points of interest. The board at the top featuring the highway is actually three boards all set up for the first mission. Talking of missions...

Explaining the Campaign

Mission One

Corvus Belli then went into detail about the missions each group would be undertaking and worked with them to create army lists for the new scenarios. A few special rules were introduced and some tactical hints to get people off the ground. You could see the tactical minds of the players whirring away as they thought up interesting ways to complete the scenario set for them.

There will be more to come as the day goes on so stay tuned!

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