First Peek At Infinity Defiance Character Uma Sorensen

June 14, 2019 by brennon

Corvus Belli is getting geared up to dive deeper into Infinity: Defiance over the next few weeks ahead of their Kickstarter this autumn. With that in mind, we got a look at the render for Uma Sorensen, one of the characters you can play as in this Sci-Fi dungeon crawler.

Uma Infinity Defiance - Corvus Belli

This gives us a look at the work on this character by Raul Tavares. I think she looks very much the Sci-Fi badass, twin guns firing at whatever foes dare to step in front of her.

I quite like that since we're getting a more intimate look at these characters in the dungeon crawler we get to see her with the helmet faceplate up as she seeks out her next target. This is the case for all of the currently revealed heroes for Defiance although it would be neat to see some alternative sculpts too.

Also, it's good to see that whilst she is still identifiably female she hasn't been 'sexed up', in my opinion at least. She looks like a soldier, and rightly so!

Which of the characters do you reckon you're going to play as? You can see them all represented HERE over on the Defiance website so make sure to check them out and tell us your thoughts!

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"Which of the characters do you reckon you're going to play as?"

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