Infinity Let You Face Off Against Dire Foes

August 23, 2013 by brennon

The guys from Infinity are building up a real head of steam this summer with a mass of new content on the way. Their latest exploits see you taking to the field with their Dire Foes sets which pit nemesis on nemesis in a 300pt mission format...

Infinity Dire Foes

Factions will take on each other and each set also includes a VIP that is relevant to the mission you are taking on.


Trasimedes Vs Balboa

Lupe Balboa

Yuriko Oda

Yuriko Oda Vs Isobel McGregor


  • "Temporal Alliance". Lupe Balboa Vs. Trasimedes
  • "Black Mist" Yuriko Oda Vs. Isobel McGregor
  • "Rescue in the Train" Bipandra Vs, Anyat
  • "Escape or Die" Konstantinos Vs. Yasbir
  • "Viral Outbreak" Aelis Keesan Vs. Hasht

Above are their forays into the world of awesome and I think you'll agree that the artwork is already looking superb. Also if you're a die hard Infinity fan then you might notice a nod to a few veterans.

Aelis Keesan

Keesan Vs Hasht



Anyat Vs Bipandra


I think that you will agree that once again the folks at Corvus Belli have hit the Infinity nail right on the head. These concept pieces look utterly amazing and I reckon there are going to be some good grudge matches coming out of this.




That's a whole lot of artwork to take in and I reckon you are already salivating. But wait, there's more! They have also got some sketches of the VIP figures that will be gracing your table.


Naval Officer



Now they are very nice indeed. So after all those pictures has the shiny syndrome hit yet? It certainly has for me. I reckon I might have to end up joining in and getting my Ariadna onto the field sooner than I thought.

What duo has taken your fancy?

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