New for Infinity… Hexa Sniper

August 2, 2011 by beerogre

Hexa Sniper

Hexa Sniper

Do you play Infinity?

Do your PanOceania and Neoterran Capitaline forces need some long range support?

Then you need a Hexa Sniper... check out the statline....

The Hexa rocks up with some TO: Camouflage and solid stats for a 38pt model.Infinity Hexa Sniper

If you want to find out where we get our awesome statline info. Check the Infinity Hub where you can generate your army online!

There are also groups and discussions covering all your favourite factions, characters and tactics.

Here's a direct link to the PanOceania forum.

So is this the mini you wanted or would you have done it differently?

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