Infinity Launches New Rules Download for Free!

October 5, 2012 by brennon

The folks over at Infinity have been working hard and have produced some new Downloadable PDFs that show off some of the new rules, factions and weapons from the upcoming campaign book...

Infinity Downloads

New Faction Profiles

Tohaa: Kamael, Sakiel, Ectros, Clipsos, Tohaa Diplomatic Delegates.
Nomads: Wildcats
Mercenaries: KTS, Kaplan Tactical Services.

New Rules Preview

A big 11 page PDF that looks at the new tactical intricacies of the campaign book.

New Weapons

A whole host of new weapons, some specifically designed for the Tohaa.

So go check out these previews and look out for the book itself at the end of October. With the different rules on offer you will have a great head start!

What do you think to the new Infinity Rules?

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