New Infinity Models Hit For December Including Anniversary Achilles!

December 28, 2015 by brennon

We've got a whole bunch of awesome Infinity models to check out this month to be available at the end of this year and the beginning of 2016. See what you think of this very interesting mix of new units that will help you build on old factions and even begin new ones...

Achilles V2 With Hoplite Armour


First up we have ย Achilles, the unstoppable warrior, from ALEPH for the Steel Phalanx. He is the iconic hero for this faction and he is now released as a special Limited Edition version to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Infinity. He will come with two copies in the set with options for arms, heads and weapons.

USAriadna Starter Pack


Leading the fight for Ariadna on a different frontier we have the USAriadna Starter Pack will will give you the Grunts, Minutemen, Marauders and Foxtrots that you need in order to get rolling with this faction. With six models in total you have plenty of tactical options for your games.

Father-Knight With Spitfire


Fighting for PanOceania and the Military Order we have some of their most prominent figures, the Father Knight. They are always leading the charge, each of them an ordained priest leading their troops into close quarters fighting.

In addition to their own abilities they provide their fellow warriors with much needed morale in the field. They have been known to turn battles on the brink of defeat into victories.

Spektr With Boarding Shotgun


Doing a bit of hunting for the Nomads we have the stealthy ghosts known as Spektrs. They are masters of infiltration and are always given the most delicate of missions to undertake. Donning sophisticated camouflage gear they can fool most surveillance systems and if things go wrong they have a shotgun to make those who saw them go away for good.

Kerail Perceptors With Symbiobeasts


Last but not least we have the Symbiobeasts that we saw earlier in the month for the Tohaa. If you want to upgrade your dangerous pack hunters then these are the creatures for you. Being able to match the movements and actions of their handler they are a deadly foe in close quarters combat.

Which is your favourite from this month's selection?

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