Infinity New Releases – July 2018

June 18, 2018 by brennon

We're back with a range of new releases for this month by Corvus Belli for the world of Infinity.


All of these models will be available in July and are spread across a myriad of different factions so keep an eye out for something new for your crew.

Magister Knights


Coming as a set of four miniatures, the Magister Knights are the devout and zealous arm of PanOceania, serving the Military Orders. This set allows you to bring them onto the field to fight for God and of course the glory of their nation.

Chasseur With Rifle


Ariadna are next up with a new model for the Merovingian Rapid Response Force. Marked out as singularly effective and deadly combatants, these soldiers can take on missions practically on their own and are good in a tight spot.

Corporate Security Unit

280731-0723-CSU Scene2

When you need protection, you pay for the best. This set gives you one miniature to serve as a Mercenary for a range of forces, keeping your VIP safe on the battlefield or right in the heart of the city whilst terrorists and insurgents are baying for their blood. An awesome addition to the range!

Haqqislam Support Pack


With a Doctor, Engineer and Remotes at your command, you will have some additional help when your force gets blasted with sniper rifle fire and AROs from across the battlefield. Everyone needs a medic...and an engineer can keep that TAG running a little while longer. As Corvus Belli say "heal, repair, win".

Heckler With Jammer


The Nomads and the Tunguska Jurisdictional Command outfit are dropping the first blister pack for the TJC Sectorial Army. The Heckler will be able to get stuck in and mess around with your opponent's strategy thanks to that Jammer.

Raicho Armoured Brigade


Everyone loves Morats, so it's good to see the Combined Army turning to them with another new miniature. Combat machines operated by bloodthirsty aliens means that there's very little to do but point and shoot this at your nearest enemy. Get stuck in, rip things apart, and prove that the Combined Army is the best of the best.



Ariadna gets a double dunt on this month's releases as they get a re-packaging of some older miniatures. Facing off against TAGs and more means you need heavy weaponry at your command and the Tankhunters are certainly capable of that.

What do you like most about this new haul?

"What do you like most about this new haul?"

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