Infinity October 2013 Releases – Dire Foes are Here!

November 7, 2013 by Justin

The Dire Foes are here at last! These are the minis we got a sneak peek of at Gen Con this year and I have to say they have been worth the wait!

Each pack of miniatures will include an exclusive code to download the Mission Dossier PDF for free. Each of them contains:

- An Exclusive Official Scenario.
- Exclusive background of the Scenario.
- Complete background on the Dire Foes characters.
- Troop profiles!

As well as that the box will also include extra full colour pictures and illustrations prints to keep your gaming room immersed in the world of Infinity.

Let's take a look at what comes in each box...

  • Dire Foes Mission Pack 1: Train Rescue.
  • Fusilier Indigo Bipandra Vs. Treitak Anyat.
  • VIP: Fuslier Angus
  • Angus did it again! Prisoner of the Yu Jing State Empire, two women will fight to rescue him. The Indigo Fusilier Bipandra spurred on by something more than loyalty, and the Treitak Anyat by the secrets Angus doesn’t know he carries in that Cube of his.

Game: Infinity Army: Dire Foes Model(s): Train rescue

  • Dire Foes Mission Pack 2: Fleeting Alliance.
  • Alguacil Vortex Lupe Balboa Vs. Chandra Sergeant Thrasymedes.
  • VIP: Marine Engineering Officer
  • Absolutely unbelievable! ALEPH and Nomads collaborating together? What could force Vortex Lupe Balboa and Sgt. Chandra Thrasymedes to cooperate in a mission where they are supposed to confront each other? What secrets do these two elite operators keep hidden?

Game: Infinity Army: Dire Foes Model(s): Fleeting Alliance

  • Dire Foes Mission Pack 3: Dark Mist.
  • Volunteer Intel Isobel McGregor Vs. Keisotsu Gui Feng Yuriko Oda.
  • VIP: Comm-Tech
  • Clandestine actions in the deepest darkness! Intel expert Isobel MacGregor, an expert Caledonian data-thief, and Guǐ Fēng Yuriko Oda, elite saboteur and Kempeitai killer fight each other, and a poor Comm-Tech is caught in the middle of their struggle!

Game: Infinity Army: Dire Foes Model(s): Dark Mist

Apart from the long awaited Dire Foes, the October bunch also includes:

Anaconda Squad: The special early release from Gen Con 2013 is now available for the rest of the world. A Mercenary TAG that can be deployed with the Merovingian sectorial Army.

Gao Tarsos Unit with HMG.  The most devastating weapon in the hands of one of the most effective and bad ass troops in the Tohaa army!

Which pack do you think you'll be picking up?

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