Infinity Operation: Icestorm Gets Awesome Cover Art!

July 4, 2014 by brennon

So we've seen the cover for the actual set but Corvus Belli have also now shown off the cover art for the booklet in the game too. See what you think of this rather fancy piece for Infinity Operation: Icestorm...

Operation Icestorm Cover

Once again it shows the clash between the two sides and gives a hint as to the kind of engagement you're going to be fighting. Can you spell ambush? I do love the miniatures for Infinity the world is aching to be played around in. It does raise the question in my mind of how likely it would be to see a role-playing game set within their universe.

I guess on some level the game already acts like a role-playing game with each character acting in a very independent and characterful way.

What do you think of the art?

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