New Infinity Podcast Starts this Weekend

August 31, 2012 by lloyd

Infinity O-12 is a new site and podcast centred around the world of Infinity.

Infinity O-12 Screenshot

I've had a read through the info we got and points to note so far are that it will broadcast twice a month with a wide range of topics and be recorded in a professional studio. You may also notice Romeo Filip from Battle Foam is First Chair... just where does he get the time!

Anyway here's the details:

Infinity fans get ready! The first Infinity O-12 podcast will air September 1st.

If you are wondering what the O-12 Podcast is, let me tell you.

Infinity O-12 will bring you 2 Infinity episodes on the 1st and 15th of each month. The show will be recorded in a professional studio and will feature 4 hosts with many Infinity based skills.

The O-12 team will have direct access to Corvus Belli and its design team. We will feature the latest news as CB provides it to the show.

O-12 will also be interviewing many of the main members of the CB team over the course of the year. Getting you the best and most direct access to information and cool releases.

Some of the topics that each show will have are listed below.
-Official CB News And Rumors
-Fan Call In (The Number Will Be Provided After The First Show Via The Site)
-Battle Reports / New Model Play Test
-Product Of The Week Review (Video and Audio Via YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook)
-Infinity College 101 (Rules and Tactics)
-Army / Faction Review and Fluff.

In our first show you will also meet the hosts
Romeo Filip – First Chair All Around Chat, Interviews, News and Rumor, Fact Finder
(email [email protected])
Kip Parcell – Second Chair Rules Expert and Battle Reports
(email [email protected])
Chad Cooper – Third Chair Hobby Building and Painting Pro
(email [email protected])
Tom Schadle – Fourth Chair Battle Reports, Painting Pro, and Chat
(email [email protected])

We welcome everyone to email us and tune in for the first show. We want to hear what you think and like. We want this show to be the best Podcast on the market built around a great game and a great company.

We welcome you to Infinity O-12 Podcast!

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