The Infinity Primer – Where To Start?

March 28, 2016 by brennon

Since we're in the midst of an Infinity Human Sphere N3 Week you might be a little bit intimidated by all of the information being dropped on you this week. Well, we've put together a list of resources that you can look back over to get your head around the rules and be up to speed with where the game is now.

Infinity Weeks

First off let's drop you into a series of our videos which should help you get started.

  • Infinity 3rd Edition Week - We go through how the rules changed for N3 and what to look out for.
  • Infinity Week 2013 - Check this out for a run down of the different factions and how Corvus Belli went about designing them.
  • USAridna Week - Here we went through one of the newest factions for Infinity, the US side of Ariadna.
  • Operation Icestorm Week - Get to know the Starter Box for the game and follow along as we play out a great Battle Report.

That should get you started and leave you with plenty of videos to get stuck into as you wait for new ones this time around.

Infinity Boot Camp

We also ran the Infinity Boot Camp last year and it should get you interested in the different ways you can play and learn about assembling the models...

We had some fun with the TAG Deathmatch so make sure to check that out.

Helpful Links

As well as our videos you can check out the resources and links that Corvus Belli provide.

  • Infinity Downloads - Get all of the rulebooks, sourcebooks, tokens and more you need from their download section.
  • Infinity Army - This program allows you to start building your Infinity force digitally.
  • Operation Icestorm Starter Set - If you've been hyped up for Infinity maybe consider their Starter Set.
  • Infinity Wiki - Your source for all manner of answered questions concerning the rules of Infinity.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of a refresher on the world of Infinity.

What faction do you play (or want to play)?

"What faction do you play (or want to play)?"

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