Infinity Releases for June

June 20, 2011 by beerogre


Asuras are ALEPH’s elite, some of the finest Heavy Infantry in the Sphere. They use modified Boddhishatva model bodies: military grade state-of-the-art Lhosts, protected by highly absorbent subdermal armor-plates. They can carry out long campaigns without resting and never show fatigue. Magnificently prepared and highly qualified, Asuras are the best of the best, a superior category of special operatives.


The Reverend Custodiers are Observance’s specialists in cyber-warfare and electronic warfare. They are tactical combat hackers, the main attack line against the constant threat of ALEPH, and part of the protective framework of the Nomad nets.


The regiments of Brother Sergeants form a core of experienced veterans who, as men at arms expert in various military specialties, reinforce the Order’s line troops. In the operative organization chart, Sergeant Specialists carry out tactical support, or advanced force functions, as required by the specifications of a mission. It is quite a sight to see Sergeants on a transport heading straight for battle.


The Djanbazan Tactical Group constitutes the Special Assault Corps of the Muhafiz, the Security and Intelligence force of Haqqislam. Its mission is to defend the entrance and exit points of Haqqislam and preserve the Silk commerce. This means that they must be ready for close combat with pirates, smugglers and insurgents.


The Skiávoros are the original model from which the other EI special combat forces were later created, as well as being one more of its sinister discoveries wrenched out of astral space.

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