Infinity Role-Playing Game Revealed From Modiphius!

October 31, 2014 by brennon

As the title says, Modiphius are bringing Infinity to the role-playing realm with Adventures in the Human Sphere & Beyond next year! I can imagine a fair few of you are quite excited?

Infinity Role-Playing Game

The game will be entering playtesting within the next few weeks and then next year you'll be able to pick up the full book. Modiphius will also be running a Kickstarter next Summer to add more peripheral features to the game including a range of RPG miniatures, custom dice, maps, tiles and more. All very exciting!

The game will use the 2d20 system which is great for cinematic role-playing so it will be good to see how that translates nicely into the world of Infinity where d20 dice are so well loved. Here's a snippet of what Gutier had to say...

“As Infinity was created by roleplayers, our secret desire has been always to release the RPG version of the game. Unfortunately, Infinity requires all our time and we were unable to create the RPG everyone has been asking for. To find the right partner, with the same attention to detail has been really difficult and the reason we have not released an RPG before. So, when Chris contacted us we felt very happy, as he demonstrated a deep understanding of the universe and spirit of Infinity. We discussed plenty of covert operations, secret schemes and adventures and we know Modiphius has a very professional approach that will ensure they deliver a truly high-quality product. Now we only regret not having teamed up with them before!”

Will you be signing up for testing and grabbing this as soon as possible?

Let us know!

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