Infinity Show Off Their March Releases

March 25, 2013 by Justin

It's that time of the month again as the guys from Infinity break out another set of amazing new miniatures.

Lets get the ball rolling with the PanOceania Support Pack. This is a Re-Pack of the already existing miniatures. featuring the PanOceania Doctor, Engineer and helper remotes. Always useful in an extermination battle and even more during the missions of the Campaign: Paradiso Book.

Game: Infinity Army: PanOceania Model(s): Support Pack

Next up we have another jaw dropping mini for those ALEPH players out there, Penthesilea, the Amazon Warrior from the Steel Phalanx. This is one mean looking sexy biker chick and it's one of those minis that just screams, buy me!

Game: Infinity Army: ALEPH Model(s): Penthesilea

Not to be out done, the Combined Army have their own offering, the Shasvastii Sabotage & Destruction Unit Caliban. This trooper comes equipped with a Feuerbach which is the key weapon of the Caliban fireteam. A very effective ailen killer, that can have a devastating effect on your opponent in it's active turn.

Game: Infinity Army: Combined Army Model(s): Shasvastii Caliban

Ariadna are one of those armies you'll love or hate (love playing them hate to play against them) but Caledonian Volunteers for the Caledonian Highlander Armyadd, basic line infantry that may have felt lacking in numbers on the field are now in a separate blister and packing a Heavy Machine Gun. There really is only one way to describe this miniature. Useful, Basic, and very much a killer.

Game: Infinity Army: Ariadna Model(s): Caledonian Volunteers

Last up we have the Reverend Moiras for the Nomads. This is a new re-sculpt with all the weapon options of the Moiras. This multi-part set comes with the HMG and MULTI Sniper Rifle that every Moira Fireteam needs.

Game: Infinity Army: Nomads Model(s): Reverend Moiras

So that's the lot for this month guy's but don't forget to drop your thoughts below about the new goodies and what your thinking for your force updates.

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