INFINITY Sneak Peek: Anaconda Mercenary TAG Squad

July 16, 2013 by Justin

So guys our buddy Carlos has been up to his old tricks and sent up a few sneaky pictures of The Anaconda Squad's miniatures, and also sent us a little bit of the fluff.

INFINITY Sneak Peek: Anaconda Mercenary TAG Squad Front

"The Anaconda is a Nomad mechanized squadron that was at one point disbanded and successfully re-purposed as an independent mercenary unit, eventually signing contracts all over the Sphere. It was the Anacondas who served as an armed escort for the famed Alcinoe Expedition that managed to open the Gantvoort Route by successfully warding off the constant attacks of that satellite’s separatist groups. The Squadron saw action in each stage of the NeoColonial Wars, during which they worked for nearly every side, and in the Ariadnan Commercial Conflicts too. But despite the Squadron’s undeniable achievements, the very existence of an independent, private mechanized unit beggars belief, unless it receives support from a hidden hand. A hand that might very well be clad in black..."

INFINITY Sneak Peek: Anaconda Mercenary TAG Squad Back

As always the Infinity team have pulled out all the stops for their Gen Con mini and I'm not going to lie I'm a little jealous of every one who'll be at the event and be able to pick them up. My advice is get to the Infinity stand early so you don't miss out, and while your there don't forget the guys will have the new Infinity Art Book One and plenty of other exclusive mini for you to get your hands on.

Oh and as a last treat here's the full scale image of the pin-up for the Anaconda and it's pilot!

INFINITY Sneak Peek: Anaconda Mercenary TAG Squad Pin-Up

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