INFINITY Sneak Peek: NEW Combined Army Starter Pack!

November 14, 2014 by Justin

Time for another sneak peek from the guys at Infinity! This month we've been sent images of the brand spanking new Combined Army Starter Pack, and it's looking like a really cool set!

Let's meet the crew!  Leading the way we have the Umbra Legates striding out on to the battlefield, armed with a rather cool looking sword. Following him is the Fraacta; a Trihedron drop trooper blasting away with a combi-rifle.

INFINITY Sneek Peek: NEW Combined Army Starter Pack!

Next it's the heavy hitter of this alien team in the shape of the Maakrep Trackers Unit with HMG. Having this heavy weapon in a starter kit is a really great way to get a feel for just how powerful this kind of trooper can be and your opponent can learn early on how to deal with them!

Last in the line up is the Unidron Batroids with Plasma Carabin. These are your line troopers and will be very useful in the game for setting up your lines of fire and board coverage for ARO's.

Will you be getting them?

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