INFINITY Sneak Peek: PanO Squalos!

December 16, 2014 by Justin

In the PanOceanian army leading edge technologies are the only way to achieve the best results on the battlefield. With an almost flawless blend of armour, fire power and mobility, the TAGs of the PanO faction are some of the best in the game of Infinity.

INFINITY Sneak Peek: PanO Squalos!

Now introduced for the inspection of the masses we have an exclusive preview of the Squalos Armoured Cavalry. These are the most sophisticated troops from PanOceania and a symbol of its technological edge over all other nations.

INFINITY Sneak Peek: PanO Squalos!

Working in combat teams, supporting each other, they have proved to be an incredibly devastating force on the table top. Each and every one of these mega machines is given the inscription of the armoured corps: "Ultima ratio PanOceaniam, Last argument of PanOceania" and lets be honest if things have gotten down to a little aggressive negotiation the Armoured Cavalry is the best PanOceanian instrument for a little bit of not so gentle persuasion.

Don't forget you can get your new 3rd Edition Rules PDF for Infinity HERE.

What do you think of these new miniatures?

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