The Shavastii Sphinx… a New Silent Killer?

November 30, 2011 by crew

The Shasvastii Sphinx has been called “The Unexpected Death” as it is a massive yet invisible war machine that moves in silent synchronicity with its environment, until the time comes to display its lethal and overwhelming firepower in the midst of enemy lines, where the greatest damage can be caused.

This new T.A.G. has come to reinforce the Shasvastii Expeditionary Force, the first Sectorial Army of the Combined Army. Even though it is a T.A.G. the Sphinx keeps the special tactical characteristics of the Shasvastii race. It was conceived as a light assault T.A.G. armed with medium/short range weapons which bases its operational capacity on speed, mobility and stealth technology.

By just checking the weapon panoply of the Sphinx it is easy to see this T.A.G. is orientated towards the most direct and brutal of assaults. A Spitfire to provide great firepower, two Heavy Flamethrowers and an Explosive CC weapon added to a PH value of 16 makes the Sphinx into a supreme death dealer. Even with an ARM value of 6, rather the more common T.A.G. value of 8, its Thermo-Optic Camouflage Special Skill allows the Sphinx to easily engage with an enemy.

The Shasvastii Expeditionary Force is an army that stands out for its qualities of infiltration, deception, camouflage and hiding, but it generally lacks heavily armoured units or those specializing in applications of direct force.

The Sphinx balances these shortcomings, providing the surplus of ferocity this race normally goes without. You can think of it as the evil twin of an invisible and better-armoured Dog-Warrior with a rapid fire weapon, just with a higher points Cost.

Any Combined Army player that fields this stealthy killing machine along with a Speculo Killer can take the action straight to the enemy, with the Impersonator containing the opposition while the Sphinx closes in quickly, unleashing a fire storm as it arrives.

Due the lack of long range weapons for the Sphinx, a player must cover its advance across the battlefield with a sniper or a HMG, in order to engage enemy long range marksmen. In any event, the 6--6 inches Movement (MOV) value, the TO Camouflage, the Climbing Plus and finally the Multiterrain Special Skills of the Sphinx guarantee this fearsome T.A.G. will reach enemy lines sooner than expected.

While being a good bet for a successful assault, the Sphinx is not unbeatable. Multispectral Visors L2 and L3 will discover it easily, or a CC specialist can engage the Sphinx to kill it or just to tie it up long enough to prepare an effective counterstrike. And don’t forget Hackers, who can stop this machine without needing Line of Fire.

The key element to fighting a Sphinx is to limit its approach to the core of your forces, but a Combined Army veteran player will be aware of this, and here is where those support snipers and HMG that were previously mentioned come into the alien army lists.

In any case account must be taken of both the preparation for and consequence of the arrival of the Sphinx, not only for Combined Army players but also for their poor adversaries!

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