4 Angry Scotsmen, Badass but Beautiful?

January 31, 2014 by Justin

Kicking off the 2014 line up for Infinity we have the Sekban, Naval Special Unit from the Qapu Khalqi of Haqqislam. These rather bad ass looking troopers are a fireteam from the most flexible sectorial army of the range. The Sekban also have access to the "Haris" skill that allows them to form an additional 3 men fireteam, and lets be honest that's just another flavor of awesome for your Haqqislam. Unlike the Odalisques, these boy's have access to heavy weapons and a higher ARM value so I'm betting we'll be seeing these in the local tournament scene very soon!

Game: Infinity Army: Haqqislam Model(s): Sekban, NavalSpecial Unit

Ariadna is not to be out done this month as they have The Scots Guards, 6th Caledonian Infantry Regiment making preparations to head out on to the battlefield. This set of Caledonian Highlanders is a Fireteam for the Scottish sectorial army. This single box covers both troop profiles of the Scots guards and offers a nice range of Β weapons and skills.

Game: Infinity Army: Ariadna Model(s): ScotsGuards

Now we all know the Yu Jing aim to be the number one super power in the world of Infinity. With this in mind the Raiden Seibutai is bringing out the deadly Spitfire and add to that having Camo and an Β X-Visor. it looks like the Yu Jing will be getting the jump on their opponents and throwing out a massive amount of pain.

Game: Infinity Army: Yu Jing Model(s): Raiden Seibutai (Spitfire)

The Shasvastii Armed imposition Detachment Gwailos with Heavy Rocket Launcher is the offering from the Combined Army this month, and as Shasvastiis don't usually bring Heavy infantry to the battlefield this is a bit of a different addition to their play style. Carrying Nanoscreens (essentially a kind of portable partial cover) along with the heavy rocket launcher will have them dominate the gaming table unless you deal with them fast.

Game: Infinity Army: Combined Army Model(s): Gwailo (HRL)

Last in this months showcase of fantastic minis is the Ekdromoi with HMG for Steel Phalanx / ALEPH. While the Steel Phalanx do not have any Skirmish troops, their chances of bringing an immediate attacker to the enemies deployment zone are almost zero, except for the extremely useful Ekdromoi. this figure comes with the most devastating weapon in the game, the HMG.

Game: Infinity Army: Aleph Model(s): Ekdromoi (HMG)

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