Infinity’s Kick Ass May 2014 Releases!

May 29, 2014 by dignity

It's time for another months worth of great Infinity miniatures and kicking things off we have Raiden Seibutai kitted out with a Heavy Rocket Launcher and from what Carlos has been telling me he has a sneaky surprise attack. He seems to be a very useful troop for the Japanese Army. Most of us know the JSA as very direct in the way they conduct war but this seems to add a nice heavy strike that you can fire at your opponent at that crucial moment of the game.

Game: Infinity Army: Yu Jing Model(s): Raiden Seibutai

Next in the line up we have the Tunguska Interventors from the Jurisdictional Command of the Nomads faction. These are the most powerful Hackers in all of the Human Sphere. Whenever a Hi Tech troop steps out to battle he or she must always beware of the serious nano-tech these guys are packing, just to be clear these are a re-sculpt with the addition of the Fast Pandas, who are walking repeaters that expand the influence of the Interventors across the battlefield.

Game: Infinity Army: Nomads Model(s): Tunguska Interventors

We all know that PanOceania love their heavy troopers, and this month is no disappointment with the release of the  Knights of Santiago Box. You'll be getting four Knights in the box to create a competent fireteam with all the extra arms, weapons & equipment to complete the trooper profiles in the Infinity Rules. This also allows the player to have a Holy Military Order of the Knights of Santiago themed army!

Game: Infinity Army: PanOceania Model(s): Knights of Santiago

You'll have met the  Kazak Spetznazs from Ariadna earlier this month but we figured why not show him off again. The new trooper profile has new skills like "Marksmanship L2" and "Ambushed Camouflage" and we're allwaiting for Infinity's third rule book to drop so we can see just how cool this guy is going to be on the tabletop.

Game: Infinity Army: Ariadna Model(s): Kazak Spetznazs

Our final mini for the month comes from the Bootleg Range and he is just really, really cool. Say hello to the O-12 High Commissioner and as we haven't seen a mini from the O-12 before we just had to let Carlos loose describing the fluff surrounding this one...

Game: Infinity Army: Bootleg Model(s): O-12 High Commisioner

"An O-12 High Commissioner is a high-ranking civil servant who has a special executive position as head of a Commission or is undertaking a special task at the direction of the highest echelons of O-12. This supranational institution can appoint Commissioners with the task of investigating, monitoring and evaluating the enforcement of specific international laws by O-12 member states. Consequently, High Commissioners serve as specially appointed diplomatic agents and representatives of O-12 policy wherever in the Human Sphere they go in performance of their tasks. These civil servants wield a significant amount of executive power, and they can demand full access and freedom of movement through any country within the scope of their Commission. They also have the power to call for sanctions by the Öberhaus and the O-12 Security Council if they confirm violations of international law.

Generally seen by political elites as meddling intruders, High Commissioners inspire well-concealed feelings of fear, animosity and contempt in all Governments of the Sphere, who will do anything in their power to manipulate them and gain their favor. Operating in this treacherous atmosphere, High Commissioners must often keep in the shadows of diplomacy, where honeyed words become bribes and threats become covert assassinations."

So that's if for this month guys! We hope you liked what you've seen and I cant wait to see what Infinity have planned for the future!

What's your favourite from this month?

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