Infinity’s Latest Releases August 2013!

August 22, 2013 by Justin

Well looks like the Infinity team are at it again bringing out another set of amazing new minis for us all to drool over, and this is even with them launching their new Bootleg range and managing to hop on out for Gen Con in the U.S.A! So guys here's this months offerings:

Lets kick off the show with the Qapu Khalqi Starter Pack for Haqqislam. The versatile sectorial army finally receives it's Starter Pack! For all the Haqqislam players out there this is a re-pack of the currently existing miniatures. It includes 3 Hafza Units, an Al'Hawwa Hacker, an Odalisque with spitfire and a Djanbazan with sniper rifle. Due to the extreme usefulness of the Hafza Units when it comes to making fire team's, this Starter pack is looking to be the best choice for anyone thinking of picking up the faction.

Game: Infinity Army: Haqqislam Model(s): Qapu Khalqi Starter Pack

Next on the block is an Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank with a MULTI Sniper Rifle. A particularly popular weapon option of this rather bad ass troop from the cruelest Yu Jing sectorial army. Equipped with an X-Visor, the Imperial Agents don't hesitate when it comes to destroying enemies of the Jade Empire. Looks like I'll be needing to find a tall building for this little fellow in my future games of Infinity.

Game: Infinity Army: Yu Jing Model(s): Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank

Not to be outdone the Combined Army have rolled out their Shasvastii Aswuang with a Spitfire. This terrifying striga skilled unit can eat enemy corpses to raise his own stamina. so not only is he coming to get you but it looks like he'd like to have you for dinner...

Game: Infinity Army: Combined Army Model(s): Asuwang

Now we come to my pick of the bunch introducing the ALEPH Atalanta, Agêma's NCO & Spotbot, one of the Greek mythos inspired characters. Atalanta is an elite sniper who has a marksman observer, did I mention that's it's kind of a chibi bunny robo pet?! Add to that the fact that her accuracy is beyond being a fair shot and lastly equip her with a Multi-spectral visor and she becomes a deadly menace on any table.

Game: Infinity Army: Aleph Model(s): Atalanta, Agêma's NCO & Spotbot

And lastly we have the Tohaa Kamael Light Infantry. This is a Multipart box that will cover all the weapon options of the Tohaa basic line Infantry. Certainly a very useful little kit for covering all the trooper load-out need's of a Tohaa player.

Game: Infinity Army: Tohaa Model(s): Kamael Light Infantry

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