Infinity’s Super Cute March 2014 Releases!!!

March 20, 2014 by Justin

It's that time of the month again. The master miniature makers over at Corvus Belli have sent through this months run of kick ass minis.

First in the line-up this month is Sun Tze for the Imperial Service. This new sculpt for a classic trooper is looking like a total bad ass, and a little bird has been telling me that we may be seeing an update to his army profile in the near future. If you're thinking you know the name Sun Tze you're probably right as he's a recreation of the ancient Chinese hero and strategist, and is one of the clones made by ALEPH to exert its influence throughout the human sphere.

Ariadna have been issued Brigadier Jaques Bruant this month, a member of the Merovingian Rapid Response Force. This hero belongs to the basic french infantry, and as such can link to a fire team with other Métros. Armed with his trusty Molotok he looks to be a perfect choice for any close quarters firefights.

You'll have seen our exclusive sneak peek of the Daturazi Witch-Soldiers from the Combined Army earlier this month, but they're just so cool we couldn't resist putting them in to the blast for this month. The stand out rule for these guys is coma. As you might imagine they are carrying a device filled with a nano-virus that can induce well, a coma in opposing minis with the cube special rule. This fires as an 8" AOE, giving you insane table control. There is a but however as you have to get a kill with the mini using this skill before you can use it. It's going to be interesting to see how these guys play on the table.

Next up we have the Naga with Monofilament Mines and it sounds nasty just from the name. From what I can tell this is one of the most popular weapon options for veteran players as these mines make the Naga the perfect saboteur for all the ITS missions where enemy movements must be restricted.

Last up we have the Tomcats Emergency & Rescue Special Team. These folks must be multi-skilled operatives with varied specialties allowing them to succeeded in any mission. This month the Tomcats are released in two different formats. One is a box with 4 miniatures, 2 are already known to us and the other 2 are brand new models for the doctor and Zondcat profiles. If you're one of the old hands at the Nomads faction and don't want to have to pick up the new box, the guys at Infinity are running the two new minis in their own blister for the next 3 months.

So that's it for this month guys. I'm loving the new minis and from the look of things I'll be having to add even more to my list of things to buy at Salute.

Which is your favourite?

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