Infinity’s Superb October Releases

October 25, 2012 by Justin

It's that time again guys, as the good folks over at Corvus Belli have sent us their latest set of new releases for October! So lets crack on and have a look at this latest offering.

First up we have the beautiful Uxía Mcneill (Covert Action), sporting two Assault pistols and a new troop profile for the Campaign: Paradiso book.

Uxia Mcneill (Covert Action)

Next in line is Ikadron Batroid & Imetron. This is a new unit for the Combined Army, and with the help from the Imetron AI that beacon provide an extra order. Definitely a handy unit to have.

Ikadron Batroid & Imetron

You may have seen our sneak peek a while back for the Wu Míng, but now they're here and you can finally get your mits on these great minis.

As we all know, PanOceania's Military Orders are always on the grow and this month sees the Crusader Brethen take the field.

Crusader Brethen

Not to be out done, the Tohaa faction is getting a new mini called the Gao-Rael Unit. This guy's packing a sniper rifle and looks perfect for building up your budding Tohaa force.

Gao-Rael Unit

And finaly in this month's mega set of new minis, we come to the Steel Phalanx from Aleph. This is the starter pack for the Assault sub-section and sees the release of the (engage Ace Ventura voice) Thorakitai, Myrmidon Hacker, Agêma Marksman Eudoros and the veteran Myrmidon Officer.

The Steel Phalanx

So that's all for this month and what a treat it's been overall. That's 15 new miniatures this month alone! The Infinity artists and sculptors must be exhausted after this, so don't be shy and give us your thoughts on the new miniatures and tell us what's got you excited for October!!!

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