Infinity Unveil The Superb Sophotects And Wildcats for 2013

January 29, 2013 by dignity

Time for the first offerings of 2013 from the guys over at Infinity and, as always, they never disappoint.

Let's kick off with the  Aleph Support Pack. In this one pack we're seeing cheap orders from the netrods, one badass looking healer in the Sophotects and the Yudbots allowing her to extend her presence over the battlefield.


Next in line we meet a new Celestial Guard. Loaded out with a hacking device, this looks like the perfect addition for all you veteran Yu Jing players out there.


(Engaging ace ventura voice for this one...) meet the... Briscards, 8éme Régiment D’ Iinfanterie de Montagne from the  Ariadna Merovingian Rapid Response Force. *Pant*

These French lads are one of the monster fire teams that the Ariadna forces can field and they're coming with a good amount of weapon options.


Of course it wouldn't be an Infinity blast with out a sexy nomad chick to round things off,  so here's one of the Wildcats with a Heavy Rocket Launcher (and may who ever came up with that heavy rocket launcher burn in hell, my poor Yu Jing can't seem to stand for long when there's one of those on the field).


Last up is Gao-Rael with a Spitfire. You should already have seen our exclusive on this cool looking Tohaa trooper.


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