The World of Infinity: Aleph Faction Video

January 30, 2013 by Justin

If you're new to the Infinity universe you're going to want to get the feel and flavour of each faction, so our friend Carlos from the Corvus Belli Studios has made up some cool looking background introduction videos that will be showing up over the next while, with a little help from a voice you might recognize...

First up we meet the Aleph Faction, one of the main players in Infinity and servants of the omnipresent AI.

Aleph - Starter Army

Aleph is an A.I. that controls almost all of the data flow of what's essentially the internet of the future. I do say almost as the Nomads have their own data networks outside of the control of Aleph, so they're kind of like the Swiss bank of data storage in that regard.

Aleph - Steel Phalanx Starter Army

So guys have these techno warriors caught your eye, or will you be running with one of the other factions?

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