Weekender: Talking Kickstarter With Massive Awesome & Micro Art Studio

February 6, 2016 by warzan

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Welcome to a bumper Weekender where we have not one but two interviews for you along with a special prize...

Weekender: Talking Kickstarter With Massive Awesome & Micro Art Studio

Massive Awesome's Shattered Earth

We'll be chatting with Massive Awesome who have been writing out Road To Kickstarter series. We'll be discussing Shattered Earth, which will be looking for funding this month, and much more besides.

You could also be in with a chance of winning a Pro-Painted Shattered Earth miniature by Awaken Realms by commenting on Beasts Of War, Youtube or Facebook.

What To Look Out For...

Here's some things you don't want to miss...

We also have some new articles hitting the website next week looking at modern wargaming and airbrushing so keep an eye out.

Micro Art Studio's Infinity Kickstarter

We sit down for a chat with Micro Art Studio to discuss their upcoming Kickstarter to fund a range of Infinity terrain. This sounds like it could be a good option for those folks looking to build a fantastic tabletop for less.

Antenocitis' Infinity Game Box

Antenocitis are also on Kickstarter right now to fund their Infinity Game Box which is a perfect way to transport all your tokens, dice, cards, templates and more. It also works as a great way to slot your media devices into game preparation too.

They have also designed a superb dice roller that doubles up as a terrain piece AND some astoundingly beautiful Sun Tzu themed templates.

Flocking Demo

Last but not least we get Justin to flock his Ogres for Kings of War. We'll be demonstrating how to do it and also looking at some of the nice tufts you can get from Army Painter.

Have a great weekend!

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