Kurage Crisis Infinity Campaign Now Live!

June 25, 2018 by lloyd

Corvus Belli has joined forces with us here at BoW once again to bring you their latest Infinity campaign, the Kurage Crisis. This FREE World-Wide Campaign is now live so sign up, join your faction of choice and fight for control of the Kurage Facility and the outlying areas in Novvy Cimmeria.


Join The Campaign Now!

During the campaign, you will sign up to fight for your faction of choice and battle over areas of the map in order to cement your control of the island, gain benefits for your forces and explore the unfolding narrative.

Kurage Crisis Image

So, what can you do when you delve into this with your friends? As a primer, the team at Corvus Belli has put together an introductory blog HERE which guides you through the way the campaign will play out and also a downloadable PDF which gives you a very, very in-depth look at the story so far.

Kurage Crisis Introduction PDF

This is going to be one hell of an awesome campaign to explore.

I'm New; What Do I Have To Look Out For?

As with the rest of the campaigns hosted on Warconsole, you will have access to loads of special features when you get stuck into your games...

  • Command Hub - Use this to collect together all of your achievements and see how you are faring against other Commanders
  • Report Battles - Get stuck in with images, videos, text and more to report the battles you have played and influence the ongoing conflict
  • View Battles - See how the battles are playing out for other Commanders and rate them to show your community spirit
  • Clubs & Stores - Gang together as a club or a store and show how your group has been faring throughout the campaign
  • Follow The News - Corvus Belli are going to be keeping you up to date with everything as the story unfolds
  • Help & How To - Keep an eye on this if you ever get stuck!
  • Download Important Intel - Watch out for new downloads throughout the period of the campaign as additional material is added into the mix

...and that is just the beginning. YOU are the ones who influence and decide the course of this campaign and we can't wait to see what you do.

What's Different In The New Campaign?

Carlos from Corvus Belli has also put together a little list of what is new this time around...

  • Better Faction Balance - We tweaked the system a little bit in order to leave no faction out of the competition. We hope these subtle changes will benefit the day-to-day progress without being too obvious.
  • Narrative Impact - The events and highlights that occur during the campaign might be portrayed in the next Infinity book. This will always be under the supervision of Gutier Lusquiños (Infinity creator) himself but YOUR actions and choices could change the course of history within the Infinity world.
  • Prize Support - Those Commanders who show excellence in their Battle Reports in accordance with fair play and a joy of the game during the campaign might win some Infinity goodies courtesy by Corvus Belli. Be nice, share your awesomeness, and be supportive of others and you could be rewarded.
  • Complex Results - This is not a regular campaign with just two possible endings. This campaign involves NINE factions fighting over SEVEN locations in EIGHTEEN different scenarios. The ultimate outcome of this conflict is not predictable and allows everyone to have space for their epic contributions.

With that, we leave the oncoming story to you. Choose your side, fight well and battle hard!

Which faction will you be playing as?

"YOUR actions and choices could change the course of history within the Infinity world..."

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