Come Into Land On Customeeple’s Infinity Helipad

June 27, 2014 by dracs

Customeeple have two new Infinity terrain pieces that are forming their first wave of June releases, a Helipad and a Starlift Elevator.


Helipad Stand Alone

Helipad Overhang

As the pictures show, this Helipad can be adapted to stand alone or to be come part of an existing building piece. Helipads are a great terrain objective piece, letting you plan extraction missions as your team desperately try to get to the airborn escape vehicle (ha, thought I was gonna say the line didn't you? Well no, I am no one's performing monkey).

Of course, maybe you tend to get airsick. If that's the case, why not take the Starlift Elevator.

Starlift Elevator

This Starlift Elevator is suitably scifi looking, and would again make for an interesting objective to build a game around. It could also be interesting to come up with some rules for unit deployment utilising a couple of these around the tabletop.

Starlift and Helipad

Are you going to build your Infinity city scape using Customeeple's new terrain?

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